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Werner von Braun, motherfucker! What!

July 30, 2010

Traps N Trunks // Hood Certified Gangsta Music Added Daily! » Presents Huntsville, Alabama: Rocket City Mixtape.

If it had more of a space gangsta theme, I’d buy it.


The Dune Screenshot Collection: Part 1

July 28, 2010



Report Says The Poor Subsidize Credit Card Reward Programs – The Consumerist

July 27, 2010

Thanks, the poor!


Congratulations are in order, BrewDog

July 23, 2010

You are now the number one hit on Google for “dead stoat“. Me, I’ll stick with Dale’s Pale Ale, served out of a can.


I’m going to wait for the 4G version myself

July 7, 2010

Via Vimeo.


I am the god damn Emissary and I want my flying cars *now*

July 6, 2010

This is how not to gain a paranoid user’s trust

July 5, 2010

Firefoxers howl as privacy add-on auto updates with ‘bloatware’ • The Register.

Also, how to get a bunch of users to stop trusting the Mozilla auto-update process for Firefox extensions. Well done, gentlemen.

Get Beef Taco instead. I did. After I uninstalled this crap. Crappity crap.