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We’ve been watching a lot of “Doctor Who”. Can you tell?

March 27, 2012

‘686,000 hits for “doctor/jack fanfic”‘
‘sorry that’s totally random but i was curious!’


– The Wife


And to think, David Milch made 3 seasons of “Deadwood” without a single cocksucker dying

March 15, 2012

HBO Out of Luck: Show Canceled Due to All the Horse Deaths | The New York Observer.

Once again, it’s not irony, it’s coincidence.

Via The Consumerist.


To us, this is art. To the participants, however, it was the greatest dinner party ever.

March 7, 2012

Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Greta Alfaro’s “In Ictu Oculi” and Other Works.

In Ictu Oculi from greta alfaro on Vimeo.