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April 30, 2012


LEGO® CUUSOO | Firefly Serenity playset.


Found next year’s Halloween costume.

April 25, 2012



Ah fuck.

April 22, 2012

Young People in the Recession – The War Against Youth – Esquire.

Read that, then listen to this:


A word of advice to individuals going on interviews for jobs that require a knowledge of Python

April 17, 2012

You should know Python.

Really, you should know Python.

It doesn’t need to be hard. I mean, it can be, if you’re into that.

But seriously. Before going on a job interview that will be testing your experience with Python, you should know some Python.

In summary: Python, dammit.


Jesse says it better than I could.

April 16, 2012

In Response to “Stop Looking For A Technical Co-founder” | A. Jesse Jiryu Davis.

I *may* have been gently pursued as a technical co-founder recently (or maybe someone just needed some startup advice – I was playing dumb, because I certainly didn’t want to become a co-founder of this person’s project). I gave advice along these lines.


No, dammit! I meant ‘Brecconary’!

April 1, 2012

Maybe it’s a localization thing.