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That’s gonna be way harder to heal than a pricked finger

October 21, 2012


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Seth Green Unavailable for Comment

June 12, 2012

After 32 Years, Coroner Confirms Dingo Killed Australian Baby –


And to think, David Milch made 3 seasons of “Deadwood” without a single cocksucker dying

March 15, 2012

HBO Out of Luck: Show Canceled Due to All the Horse Deaths | The New York Observer.

Once again, it’s not irony, it’s coincidence.

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Always Mount a Scratch Monkey

December 8, 2011

“…diagnostics for disk drives are designed to shake up the equipment. But monkey brains are not designed to handle the electrical signals they received.”

Eric’s Scratch Monkey Story, via Empty Square.


Yep, I’m glad my art is for me alone. What? Stop laughing. I have art.

August 26, 2011

“After all this, I (half-jokingly) wonder if Art San Diego is an organization made up of artists supporters or artist soul crushers.”

From Insult to Injury: Shawnee Barton on Artist Rejection | Chicago Art Magazine.



Meal ideas

May 11, 2011

Hey honey, can we make this?

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I live in a shitty neighborhood.

April 17, 2011

RUPD confirms two more shootings – Daily Targum – News.

And furthermore, this was “the worst thing of the year for the city of New Brunswick.” And that’s saying something.