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I’m so glad I decided to spring for the Moist Charge

February 24, 2013

Moist Charge

From Hill Country Barbecue Market, NYC.


Looks like the Xenomorph energing from the steam. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 13, 2012

Steamed Turkey, the Jacques Pépin Way -

Steamed Turkey, the Jacques Pépin Way –



October 17, 2012

DNA has a 521-year half-life.

That means no real-life Jurassic Park, folks.



And to think, David Milch made 3 seasons of “Deadwood” without a single cocksucker dying

March 15, 2012

HBO Out of Luck: Show Canceled Due to All the Horse Deaths | The New York Observer.

Once again, it’s not irony, it’s coincidence.

Via The Consumerist.


Always Mount a Scratch Monkey

December 8, 2011

“…diagnostics for disk drives are designed to shake up the equipment. But monkey brains are not designed to handle the electrical signals they received.”

Eric’s Scratch Monkey Story, via Empty Square.


There are only 4 days of Hanukkah left…

December 4, 2010


Hint, hint.


The most illicit of secrets

October 28, 2010

Mrs. Travers…confided a closely held secret: it is the sheep testicles that draw her most of all.